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The network at any business is the nerve center of the organization. It is the strength and reliability of this connectivity that allows you to make promises to your clients and come through with them. And thus, you need to be steel-sure that your network is reliable, secure, and optimized.

Lyme Technology Solutions has outstanding expertise in developing highly dependable and robust networks. Riding on the back of our extensive experience, we provide networking solutions to businesses that suit their individual needs.

  • Reliable
  • Robust
  • Cost-effective

Our Networking Services

With our expertise, you can have your IT infrastructure up and running in the minimum possible time. We help you improve performance and optimize your existing hardware with a variety of network solutions, including mobile access for remote devices to increase productivity.

Our Networking expertise extends to cover

  • LAN/Wireless
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Storage/Backup
  • Servers/Blades
  • Thin Client
  • WAN Solutions
  • IP Communications
  • Unified Communications
  • Virtualization

Unified Communications

In a world where mobile devices and Wi-Fi networks are omnipresent, your business cannot afford to miss out on this advantage. To give you a unique competitive advantage, Lyme recommends a cost-effective upgrade to your network.

Unified Communications allow you to create a single point of communication to handle a variety of tasks, streamlining business processes. Your organization can enjoy a more robust productivity solution that optimizes your network capabilities and enhances collaboration with video conferencing, workgroup solutions, and business video webcasts.

With our expert recommendations and custom solutions, you can improve on service delivery and business collaborations along with swift business communications for an extremely cost-effective plan.

Borderless Networking

Discover a new world of powerful communications, connecting multiple devices anywhere, and at any time with Lyme Technology’s Borderless Network Solutions. We offer a highly reliable, efficient, responsive, and secure collaboration strategy, using a Borderless Network Architecture.

Why Borderless Networks?
  • Improve responsiveness to customer needs
  • Increased workforce productivity
  • Expanded collaboration locally and globally
  • Tighter network security
  • Reduced energy consumption costs