We are an experienced IT solutions provider serving federal and local government agencies as well as their prime contractors.

As an authorized GSA Schedule MAS technology reseller, we provide the expertise for choosing the best products and solutions from leading manufacturers for our customers in the government sector.

Our high-octane list of GSA offerings assures our government customers that the solutions they need are available at affordable contract pricing.


Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you find up-to-date information and statements from manufacturers and the media concerning this important topic. Some manufacturers have also made official statements, and they are on file for your reference.


Lyme Computer Systems, Inc. (Lyme Computer Systems) is an authorized reseller, and not a manufacturer, of electronic and information technology (EIT) products and services. It neither represents nor warrants that any EIT products or services it distributes are compliant with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act Amendments of 1998. To the extent EIT products or services must meet specific technical or functional performance criteria, the procurer of such EIT products or services must seek certification of compliance with Section 508 from the manufacturer. If the manufacturer has provided Lyme Computer Systems transferable or assignable certificates of compliance, Lyme Computer Systems will provide these certificates to the procurer of the EIT products or services upon request; however, Lyme Computer Systems will not warrant any such EIT products or services nor assume liability in the event that such EIT products or services do not perform or comply as stated in the certificates.


Program Manager: Rick Herrin
Phone Number: 603-676-3645
Email Address: rickh@lyme.com



Contract Number: GS-35F-465GA
Product Offerings: Leading IT Product and Software Manufacturers
Period of Performance: Expires 05/30/2022
Contract TermsClick Here
Processing Fees:  0.75%
Maximum Order:  N/A
Minimum Order: $100.00

Lyme Computer Systems’ NASA Solution for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) V contract is a 10-year, Government-wide Acquisitions Contract (GWAC) that provides the latest in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and Audio-Visual (AV) products and services for all Federal Agencies and their approved contractors.  Lyme is a Contract Holder under Group C and is ready to assist you with any of your technology requirements.

Since this contract was competitively awarded no further formal competition is necessary in submitting Delivery Orders to Lyme under SEWP V. However, as a multi-award Contract, Fair Opportunity (ref. Far Part 16.505 B) must be provided to all other Contract Holders in Group C. It is recommended this be done via the NASA SEWP RFQ tool available at http://www.sewp.nasa.gov.

An Agency Administrative Handling Fee not to exceed .34% of the total price of the delivery order shall be applied to all orders under the SEWP V contract.
Lyme may accept verbal credit card purchases under $100K that are phoned in by federal government customers. All Delivery Orders of any dollar value and credit card purchases that have documents associated with them and/or are over $100K must be routed directly to the NASA SEWP Program Office using one of the following methods. 

  • FAX orders to (301)286-0317
  • EMAIL orders to sewporders@sewp.nasa.gov
  • MAIL orders to:
    NASA Goddard Space Flight Center Lanham,
    10210 Greenbelt Road, Suite #200, MD 20706

For further assistance, the SEWP Program Office Helpline can be reached by phone at (301) 286-1478 or by email at help@sewp.nasa.gov.


Program Manager:Dave Caffry
Phone Number:603-676-3604
Email Address:dave@lyme.com

Deputy Program Manager:Stephanie Gattie
Phone Number:603-676-3614
Email Address:steph@lyme.com

Sales Contact:603-795-4000
Email Address:sewp@lyme.com


Contract Number:
NNG15SC80B, Group C
Product Offerings:
IT and AV equipment, software, warranty, maintenance and services
Period of Performance:
May 1, 2015 – May 1, 2025
Processing Fees: 
Maximum Order: 
Minimum Order: 
Lyme’s SEWP V Ordering Guide