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Lyme Computer Systems, Inc has been extending its expertise in IT systems, developing customized IT services and end-to-end technology solutions for the Federal Government, prime contractors, and businesses all over the world, for over 3+ decades.

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SBA-Certified with 3+ decades of experience

Lyme Computer Systems, Inc DBA Lyme Technology Solutions

Based in New Hampshire, Lyme Technology Solutions is a national technology solution provider with a wealth of experience, recognized by the US Small Business Administration 

Strategic Alliances

Thanks to our collaborations with leading firms, you get access to the latest technologies and premium tech support. This allows us to provide tailored solutions to help your business turn its ambitions into reality.

Range of Solutions

Our consultative approach, with over 3 decades of expertise and a strong alliance with our vendor partners, allows us to provide a range of solutions designed to optimize your business processes with advanced tech.

High-performance Contracts

We ensure excellence with every contract. our dedicated professionals understand compliance regulations, and complexities and are committed to performance while helping you get the most out of these powerful purchasing options.

News & Updates

In a world where technology is advancing at the speed of light, being constantly updated is our recipe for success. In this section, we carefully curate the most exciting news, articles, resources, and information for our clients and partners.

Plus, you can find all the news about Lyme and wherever we are featured on the web, right here.

Solutions that work for YOU

We are a group of certified IT experts who work with you to maximize the mileage of your IT budget. Our approach is simple. We examine your existing infrastructure consider your business goals and customize the solutions that do NOT entail putting in sophisticated tech, that you wouldn’t even use. Instead, we give you solutions that you NEED, and that too, with personalized training.

Our Strategic & Trusted Partners

By collaborating with the world’s leading strategic alliance partners, we give you access to the latest technologies and premium technical support. This allows us to provide tailored technology solutions to help your business turn its ambitions into reality.

As an authorized GSA Schedule MAS technology reseller, we provide the expertise for choosing the best products and solutions from leading manufacturers for our customers in the government sector.